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Prevent And Treat

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Nobody wants to be ill.  And nobody wants to know that they are more susceptible to disease because of a family history.
But first, what is disease, and how is it caused?  Diseases are either metabolic, e.g. diabetes, genetic, or infectious – also known as communicable diseases – such as those caused by viruses, bacteria or parasites, e.g. malaria, and AIDS.
So how can we go about avoiding most of the common lifestyle diseases or preventing possible hereditary illnesses?
The easiest way is to practise simple good hygiene, such as to wash our hands, and cook our food and boil our drinking water properly.
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Natural Health Practitioner in your Pocket’

Prevent And Treat is a series of health related eBooks concerning common diseases and disorders, and how you can prevent and treat them naturally, without expensive doctors’ bills and unnecessary medication.


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