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How ‘Prevent And Treat’ Works ?





What is the one VERY important thing that your doctor will never tell you, and that you can discover by the weekend?

Prevention. The only way to avoid suffering from a disease is to never get it in the first place!


Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling more tired than ever?


Or had a niggling pain in your side that won’t go away?


Or a headache that seems to be getting worse?


Or you get dizzy and lightheaded for no apparent reason?

These symptoms may seem trivial to others, but they are important to you.

Are you frustrated that you can’t get rid of irritating pain and suffering?

And afraid that it could mean something worse?

But do you dread having to make an appointment with your doctor, only to spend hundreds on prescriptions medicines?

Now you can learn how to prevent (and treat) many common disorders and ailments simply with diet, herbs, and natural remedies – many of which you may have in your very own kitchen.

Prevent and Treat

Your ‘Natural Health Practitioner in your Pocket’ is an easy to understand guide to peace of mind on a subject that’s very dear to everyone’s heart; your health.

Prevent and Treat

Your ‘Natural Health Practitioner in your Pocket’ is a  health related eReport concerning common diseases and disorders and how you can prevent and treat them naturally, without expensive doctors’ bills and unnecessary medication.

What would you do if you could have all this knowledge at your fingertips?

In one comprehensive eReport of not more than 30 pages, the following is revealed:


What each disorder is (the definition)


What are the causes(who, what, where and how the disease is contracted)


how it is recognized, i.e. the signs and symptoms as well as


Prevention and treatment, with diet, herbs, supplements, natural healing, complementary therapies, and home remedies, etc.

Try the suggestions.  If they don’t work, Now you will know when you REALLY need to see a doctor.

Yes, I know this information is available on the internet, but how do you know where to look?  And whether the advice is accurate / sound / reliable?
I did all the research for you to create this curated handbook / ebook so you don’t have to
Prevent And Treat is a series of health related eBooks concerning common diseases and disorders, and how you can prevent and treat them naturally, without expensive doctors’ bills and unnecessary medication.
Nobody wants to be ill.  And nobody wants to know that they are more susceptible to disease because of a family history.
But first, what is disease, and how is it caused?  Diseases are either metabolic, e.g. diabetes, genetic, or infectious – also known as communicable diseases – such as those caused by viruses, bacteria or parasites, e.g. malaria, and AIDS.
So how can we go about avoiding most of the common lifestyle diseases or preventing possible hereditary illnesses?
The easiest way is to practise simple good hygiene, such as to wash our hands, and cook our food and boil our drinking water properly.

Other excellent – and mostly common sense – tips to preventing disease include:

Eat a healthy, low fat, vitamin rich, diet, and avoid highly processed foods, refined carbohydrates and sugar.  Supplement with Omega 3 if you feel you are not getting sufficient nutrition from your diet.
Drink fresh, clean water
Manage your stress levels through meditation, gardening or exercise, etc.
Don’t smoke
Try to incorporate some regular daily exercise, as this will boost your immune system and is a natural anti-inflammatory.
Avoid direct contact with sick people.
Reduce alcohol consumption to an acceptable level, i.e. to no more than two units per day
Regularly monitor your blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood glucose levels.
Watch your weight – try to maintain an acceptable body weight for your height.
Try to avoid toxic household cleaning chemicals and pesticides, etc.
Get enough sleep
It is my firm belief that many diseases occur as a result of inflammation in the body (which is an immune response, recognized by pain, heat, redness and swelling) and an over acid internal environment (which is an irregular pH balance).
High acid foods include animal products such as meat and dairy, refined white flour, bread, pasta, sugar, processed junk food, alcohol, and some artificial sweeteners.

The latest release in the ‘Prevent And Treat’ series is based on Candida, and sells for Only $0.99

About Us

Some ‘super’ foods are easily available which you can include in your diet to reduce the chances of suffering from chronic disease and boost your immune system.  To receive our free report on the Top 10 Super Foods, Click Here :

Maintaining good health, and preventing many lifestyle diseases may seem impossible to do without the help of a medical doctor.

I am here to tell you that this is not true.

I have scoliosis and have managed to maintain a pain free back without medication or surgery with simple changes to my lifestyle.

And with the benefit of the easy to understand short curated ereports available here, and my knowledge of natural health and nutrition, this is possible for you too.

So why waste time and spend money on possibly unnecessary medicines and treatments trying to find this information out for yourself?

I am a qualified Natural Health and Therapeutic Massage Therapist, having successfully completed the necessary requirements for the qualification through the Institute of Natural Health (INH), as well as continuing education including iridology, dryneedling, kinesiology, and more.

I am also a registered natural health practitioner with the Natural Health Practitioners Board (SANHPB).

And I am dedicated to help ordinary every day people like you achieve optimal health.

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